Author Title Pic: Louie The Third

Welcome To My Personal Website.

As of right now there isn't much to the site but my contact info and a few links  to my Blog ("Demassified Investor"). To be completely honest I haven't been doing much promoting for my Blog. I am not sure why I am holding back. Maybe its because I don't publish content on a regular basis, or maybe because I feel my thoughts and ideas are not worthy of my potential readers time. Having read many other blogs and articles on a daily basis, I can't help but feel inadequate. 

If  you agree with my view  points or even if you don't, and want to help me push some much needed content out to the masses, that would be amazing.

You see I know what I want, in terms of a type of blog , I am just too afraid to follow through. What I want is to push out content that everyone is thinking about, because the ideas that rational people are thinking, would be extremely beneficial. However these ideas sometimes go against what the main stream media is trying to push. Take "Black Lives Matter" for example. 

I 100% believe that black lives matter. However I do not think that ALL black lives matter. Just like I believe not all white lives or latino lives matter. I say that because in every race and ethnicity there is a rapist/serial killer/child molester, and I'm sorry but if you are one of these  criminals I don't care what color your skin is, I don't think your life matters as much. 

Going beyond that thought, I also don't believe that the slogan "Black Lives Matters" is actually helping the true cause of equality and desegregation. In fact I know it is only segregating us more from blacks. I am Latino and that slogan makes me feel as though my life doesn't matter to a black family, and worse yet they might kill me if they group me together with non black policemen and women. 

Anyways, it is ideas as such that I need help publishing.

Author: Louie The Third